Cindy Nealy

Cindy made her way to Colorado through Wyoming and Louisiana. She grew up in Shreveport were she started her career as a barber. Cindy’s Grandfather was a barber and played a big role her interest in the profession.


Cindy has been a licensed Barber for the past 38 years and still enjoys it as much as her first year. What she loves the most is the incredible people she gets to meet and the great stories and banter that goes on every day. She joined Leetsdale Barbers in June of 2015 and has quickly built a client base at the shop.

Being from Louisiana you may think Cindy enjoys cooking. You would be right. When the cold hits and the snow starts falling you can bet she will be cooking up some Louisiana Gumbo and we’ve let her know we have a microwave at the shop!


In addition to cooking, Cindy loves to camp, hike, ride 4 wheelers, and snowmobiles. And of course she loves to wear cowboy boots. She wore a cool pair on her first interview which may help explain why there was no second interview.