David Rossi

If Rossi had his way his Bio would start and end with “Italian from Philly”. However we drilled down a little bit further and discovered a few more nuggets from our own Italian Stallion.


David attended the University of New Hampshire and quickly made a name for himself. After one year the Administration informed Rossi that it would be in his best interest to pursue his education somewhere else! His sister lived in Colorado and recruited him to Denver.

He graduated from CU, and became the Program Director for Adam’s Camp and the Program Manager for the John Lynch Foundation.   In 2012, Rossi changed gears and decided to pursue a career as a barber that was fostered by his Grandfather who was a barber.


Don’t be surprised to hear some Rocky Theme Music when Rossi gets fired up and if you become a regular he may tell you The Bear Story. Rossi’s wife is a Professor at DU and they have a son in kindergarten.