James Padilla

James is the definition of a true native of Colorado. Six generations have lived here. In fact, his family was here before Colorado was even a state!


Being the youngest of 4 James grew up with 3 older sisters. If you thought there must be a good story there you would be right. When James was in his formative years his older sisters would make him drink with them so he wouldn’t tell on them.

Fortunately James survived those years and soon found he shared something in common with his Dad. His Dad was a mechanic and enjoyed working with his hands, a trait that was clearly passed on to James along with his love of classic cars. One of his favorite memories was sitting on his Dad’s lap driving in the family VW going to the junkyard for parts. Bring up either the 67 Chevelle SS 396 or the 57 Chevy Belair and you will get his full attention!


A few things you don’t know about James is that he competed in Fitness Physique Competition, loves to watch boxing, and loves to bake pastries and cakes.