Julian Martinez

Julian was born and raised in Denver which makes him another one of Leetsdale’s true natives. His Aunt was a cosmetologist who sparked the barber flame for Julian at an early age. In fact, Julian graduated from Emily Griffith Barber School in the same class as Leetsdale’s own David Rossi.


One of Julian’s early interests was wrestling. Not only was it an interest, he was very good at it. Julian wrestled on the Varsity team as a freshman. This passion led to him moving to North Carolina to attend Pro Wrestling School where he pursued a career in the World Wrestling Entertainment. Think Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka! Unfortunately Julian quickly found those wrestling mats were a lot harder than they look on TV and he made his way back to Denver.

Several of Julian’s early accomplishments included being a radio DJ at the age of 13 on KGNU, writing and producing hip hop music, and cooking. His favorite food to make is turkey taco lettuce wraps. His love of food started in the 1st grade which leads us to one of best stories of everyone in the Leetsdale Lineup.


As a 1st grader Julian went to lunch at school one day and did not care for what was on the menu and decided to go home and make his own lunch. He left the school grounds, got on a RTD bus, fell asleep, and woke up in the downtown bus station. Apparently, not all RTD buses go to Julian’s home!!