Lisa Swanson

Lisa was born and raised in Denver and we are proud to have a true Native in our ranks.   She has been cutting hair for 12 years and is proud to be the 1st woman to join the ranks of Leetsdale Barbers.


Prior to joining Leetsdale Barbers Lisa was responsible for opening Harley Davidson shops in California which would explain her love of Harleys. In addition to Harleys, Lisa is a diehard Bronco fan, loves country music, and enjoys traveling.

If you are lucky you just may get your haircut the same day Lisa brings in one of her famous soups. Thai Coconut, Chicken Noodle, and Green Chili are a few of Lisa’s specialties.


Lisa is a true pro and holds the distinction as the only Barber at Leetsdale Barbers who has ever cut the hair of our own Stella Blue!