Paul Cordova

Paul grew up in South Bronx, NY until he was 14.   His Mother and Father were both big influences in his childhood and he learned many of life’s lessons from both of them. His Father was in the military and introduced Paul to boxing. He was a quick study and loved the competition and skill involved. While Paul never boxed competitively he sparred with many Gold Glovers who were probably happy not to have faced him in an official match.

Another interest of Paul’s is his love of the outdoors. When his family moved to Colorado the movie Jeremiah Johnson, starring Robert Redford, was released which is one of Paul’s favorites. He wanted to be a Mountain Man and knew Colorado would be his last stop.


Paul has been cutting hair for over 20 years and has list of clients which reads as a Who’s Who in Denver. If you sit in Paul’s chair you will quickly understand why he is a master at his craft and how lucky Leetsdale Barbers is to have such a pro cutting hair and managing the shop.